Social Studies

High School Curriculum Overview

Below you’ll find an overview of the required courses for Social Studies.

Ninth – United States History and Geography

Ninth grade American History focuses on the post-Civil War Industrial Age through the present day. Students gain a broader awareness of major political, philosophical, and historical underpinnings of our government, which they use to analyze how ideas of freedom and equality have shaped our collective past and explore implications for the future. Within this framework, major geographic themes are infused using historical context.

Tenth – Civics

This one-semester course deepens students’ knowledge of the workings of government, the role of citizens in American society, and prepares them to make reasoned judgments on public policy and become active in civic life.

Tenth – Economics

This one-semester course helps students understand how economies function and how to apply the concepts and principles of economics to their lives as individuals and citizens.

Eleventh – World History and Geography

In World History and Geography, students develop an understanding of the evolution of the world’s cultures, societies, people, events. They learn about interactions among people and the environment, using time and space to examine global, interregional and regional interconnectedness.