Social Studies

Middle School Curriculum Overview

Sixth & Seventh – Western & Eastern Hemisphere Studies

The study of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres during ancient and modern times is the content of grades six and seven. Instruction over these two years includes geography, economics, government, inquiry, public discourse and decision making, citizen involvement, and World History and Geography – Eras 1, 2, and 3. Our approach integrates the study of the ancient world and a present-day context.

Eighth – Integrated American History

Eighth-grade students continue their study of United States History from the writing of the constitution through Reconstruction. Geographic, civics/government, and economics content are integrated within the historical context. Using significant content knowledge, research, and inquiry, the students analyze an issue and propose a plan for civic action. They develop reasoned arguments and write a persuasive civic essay addressing issues from the past within a historical context. Where appropriate, they make comparisons to relevant contemporary issues.