New Paradigm Glazer Academy

The boards of New Paradigm Loving and New Paradigm Glazer academies merged in 2015 to create New Paradigm Glazer-Loving Academy. The merged academy has one board that oversees two academy sites. The Glazer campus is located in the Focus: HOPE Community and exists to develop a love of citizenship and self achievement. The Loving campus is located in the North End neighborhood and exists to inspire a love of citizenship and self achievement.

Grades: Pre-K–8
Curriculum focus: College Prep
Management company: New Paradigm for Education
Year first authorized: 2011



New Paradigm Glazer Academy
Address: 2001 La Belle Street, Detroit, MI 48238
Located near: Oakman Blvd. and 14th Street
Neighborhood: Focus HOPE
Phone: (313) 852-1500
Fax: (313) 852-1499
Principal: Stanley Wheeler
Email Address:

New Paradigm Loving Academy

Address: 1000 Lynn Street, Detroit, MI 48221
Located near: Oakland Avenue and Caniff Street
Neighborhood: North End
Phone: (313) 252-3028
Fax: (313) 866-0989
Principal: Thea Marsh
Email Address:


Board members for 2017-18

Name Office
Edward Cotton IV President
Megan Pouncy Vice President
Dana Williams Secretary
Monica Eason Treasurer
Larry Lambert II Member


Documents and Resources
2017-18 Board Meeting Calendar
Glazer-Loving Charter
Glazer Educational Goals
Loving Educational Goals
Glazer-Loving 2015-16 Annual Report
Glazer-Loving 2016-17 Annual Report


2001 La Belle Street, Detroit, MI 48238

2001 La Belle Street, Detroit, MI 48238