Murphy Academy - Michigan Educational Choice Center



The Michigan Educational Choice Center is a single charter school with three sites located across the city of Detroit. They offer a college prep curriculum featuring art and physical education.

Grades: K-8
Curriculum focus: 
College Prep
Management Company: Phalen Leadership Academies
Year first authorized: 2017


Murphy Academy:
Address: 23901 Fenkell, Detroit, MI 48223
Located near: Telegraph Road (24) and Fenkell (Five Mile)
Phone: (313) 314-3740
Principal: Rita Dotstry
Principal’s Email Address:

Stewart Academy:
Address: 13120 Wildemere, Detroit, MI 48238
Located near: West Davison and Linwood or Dexter
Phone: (313) 314-3730
Principal: Deetra Coleman
Principal’s Email Address:

Trix Academy:
Address: 13700 Bringard, Detroit, MI 48205
Located near: Eight Mile and Schoenherr
Phone: (313) 426-1020
Principal: Emily Piccoli
Principal’s Email Address:

Board Members for 2017-18

Name Office
Dr. James Schelberg President
Darnell Boynton Vice President
Edward Sellers Treasurer
Lester Thomas Secretary
James Fuller Member

Documents and Resources
Board meeting calendar for 2017-18 to come
MECC Charter contract
MECC Educational Goals



23901 Fenkell, Detroit, MI 48223