an Online Resource for Parents

MISTAR ParentPortal is a web application that provides parents with direct access to student data via the Internet. Using a confidential PIN (personal identification number) and password, parents can connect to the DPS database using a web browser and view their child’s data, such as progress reports, attendance records, report cards, transcripts and more.

To log on to ParentPortal

Follow the Instructions below.

  1. Open the URL:
  2. Enter PIN and Password, click Logon

    Note: If you have not been issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Password, please contact your school or district personnel for the required login information.

    PIN: This number is a unique number assigned to each contact randomly by the computer. Your personal identification number or PIN cannot be changed.

    Password: Use the default assigned password for your first logon. Passwords were randomly generated and are case sensitive. It is suggested you change your password the first time you connect (see Account Maintenance instructions on next page)

    Problems with your password? Contact the school your child attends.

Submit Usage Agreement

The first time you log on to the ParentPortal, you will be required to return the Usage Agreement before you can view your student’s data. Check the acceptance box in the upper left and then click the return button in the upper right.

Select a Student

If you have more than one student enrolled in a DPS school, you will have the opportunity to view data for each student by clicking the desired student on the list. (At second semester time, your child’s name will be listed twice in the drop-down list (except for seniors) since scheduling for next school year will be in progress. Select the current year’s record for your child to view all data for this school year. Select next year’s record to view course requests for next school year)

If the list of available information does not include all of your students, please contact that student's school to have your accessibility information corrected.

My Account

The Account Maintenance dialog box enables you to change or edit your password. It also gives you an opportunity to add your home or work email address, which will add you to the district database for future communications

This email address will not be distributed outside the district.

Email Notifications

If enabled for a student’s school, allows the parent or guardian to receive email notifications from the school concerning the student


Use the help link to answer any questions regarding ParentPortal

Sign Out

When your viewing is done, please sign out.

You will automatically be logged out of ParentPortal if this site is inactive for 20 minutes.

Click the links on the left side of the screen to view different types of data for the selected student, such as Demographics, Marks, etc. The currently selected link will be highlighted.

Refreshing data pages

Data viewed in ParentPortal is “live”, therefore it may be updated in real time by the school while you are viewing data. However, new data posted during a session will not be visible to the user until the data page is refreshed. There are three ways to refresh a data page:

  • Click on a different link and then return to the original link.
  • Click the Refresh or Reload button in your browser.
  • Press the F5 key on the keyboard.


News items are bulletins or announcements for parents from school administrators and teachers. There are two types of news items available on the News page: School News and Classroom News. The third type of News item, School District News, appears at the bottom of the ParentPortal login screen.


The Demographics tab shows essential information for your child, such as name, address, telephone numbers, birth date, counselor, etc. This is available so parents can check the accuracy of the information, as it exists in the school’s student database.

Inaccuracies or misspellings should be reported to the school office.


The contacts screen displays first-tier contact information on file for the selected student.


This page displays your child’s daily schedule for the current term.

The viewing mode may be toggled by clicking on the header for the sort order of your child’s schedule e.g. period, teacher, etc.



Please allow 24-48 hours after an absence for updates to appear

This page displays a record of your child’s attendance entries for the current school year. A teacher or the secretary/clerk at the school generates the attendance entries. Entries of concern should be discussed with your child before calling the school office.


Assignments are scored classroom tasks assigned to students, such as homework, quizzes, exams, etc. When a teacher uses MISTAR Gradebook to define, organize, and score their class assignments, the assignment data for their students will be viewable to parent using ParentPortal.

There may be times when you do not see anything under the “Assignment” tab for a particular class. This tab reflects the MISTAR Gradebook information if the teacher has opted not to share that information. Not all teachers are using the MISTAR Gradebook application.

Marks (Standards for Students K-2)

Term column
Key Definition
P1 1st Progress Report
P2 2nd Progress Report
P3 3rd Progress Report
P4 4th Progress Report
Q1 1st Quarter Report Card
Q2 2nd Quarter Report Card
Q3 3rd Quarter Report Card
Q4 4th Quarter Report Card
S1 1st Semester Report Card
S2 2nd Semester Report Card
Type column
Key Definition
Acad Academic Classes
Cit Citizenship 1–5
Comments column

Comments are pre-defined. Optional report card comments may be entered by the teacher.

This page displays an aggregate list of all the progress reports and report card marks that have been posted to the system for your child in the current school year.


This page displays the complete history of marks and credits earned for your child since the beginning of enrollment. Current school year marks do not appear on your child’s transcript until semester report cards are mailed (Reminder, you can see these marks on the Marks page).


This page displays the complete history of your child’s grade point average for each semester (Term), as well as a cumulative (Cum) GPA. The current semester GPA will not appear until semester report cards are mailed.

Grad Requirements

Graduation Requirements are credits that must be earned per Subject category in order for a student to graduate from high school. The requirements are defined by school administrators according to district policy.

In this screen the required credits are compared to the current (Actual) number of credits the student has earned to date per category. The Requirement Met (Reqmt Met) column indicates a ‘Yes’ if the requirements for a category have been met. This cell will be blank if the requirement has not yet been met. The balance of credits needed for each category is displayed in the Short column. A blank cell in the Short column indicates the required credits have been met for that category.


When student conduct is tracked by school administrators using MISTAR’s Behavior database, behavior incidents involving the selected student can be displayed in the summary form on this screen. Incidents are not limited to the current school year; all related behavior incidents from the beginning of the student’s enrollment in the district can be displayed in the ‘Show All’ mode.


The health screen displays three types of health data for the selected student:

  1. Medical History (history of major health concerns for the selected student)
  2. Immunization Information
  3. Office Visit Information (data from the school nurse’s office)