Technology Support


To deliver prompt and appropriate attention to technical issues that affect the end-users' work or learning experience through a centralized acknowledgement, documentation, and dispatch of services delivery system.

Services Provided

  • Over-the-phone technical support to many administrative software and student information applications
  • Password Resets
  • Remote technical support/services
  • On-site technical resolution to  Board-owned computer hardware
  • Technical assistance to corporate donors of district standard equipment or to external agencies conducting business in DPS locations that require connectivity to the DPS WAN
  • Access to technical support for equipment under warranty
  • Creation of identification badges for high school students
  • Audio-visual equipment setup and recording services and support, as available, to other electronic devices
  • District-wide procedures for loaning audio-visual hardware
  • Support to public address systems
  • Customized support planned for Specialized Student Support Services
  • Consulting assistance to computer lab design proposals and other computer hardware installation projects.

Goals & Strategies

  • To provide services to DPS computer users requesting technical services in a customer-friendly, supportive manner through: Level 1 Support — over-the phone resolution to callers request for service; Level 2 Support — resolution that can be achieved through remote technical intervention; Level 3 Support — service to standard DPS hardware via a staff of field service technicians assigned to schools and administrative offices and select software application support.
  • To provide appropriate and timely service and repair to computer equipment for the DPS administrative and instructional end-user through: requests for service via the Service Desk to Field Service technicians who support over 200 school and administrative locations.
  • To assist Local Network Administrators to become proficient onsite technical resolvers of routine technical support issues in their schools or offices on behalf of the Division of Technology and Information Services: LNA's are an asset to any school or business office who seeks to have technical issues resolved according to timeframes that are more conducive to their immediate needs for resolution.
  • To provide appropriate and timely service and repair to AV and PA equipment through: dispatched service to audio visual, public announcement and other electronic equipment used to support education and safety in the school setting; troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of public address systems, identification badge creating systems, distributive television cable systems, projection and audio systems and smaller electronic devices, like cameras and microphones.

Future Implementations

The Service Desk, Field and Audio-Visual Support Services are the first line of attack when technical problems occur. Since the end-user must first experience a technical problem before there is a need to seek resolution, the Service Desk and appropriate technicians must be positioned to help the end-user regain access, functionality and ultimately, productivity. For these reasons, each service group must remain pro-active and intimately involved in plans for future district technology implementations. A few expected implementations are listed below:

  • "Roaming profiles" with association via Active Directory, as infrastructure readiness allows, for the administrative and classroom desktop
  • Standardized, centrally administered wireless access
  • Remote software installations
  • Continued design and systemic updates to the DPS image (standard software that comes resident on all DPS-owned computers) affecting all PCs and Apple computer hardware
  • Centralized id badge photo database that is accessible to select DPS offices
  • A self-service password portal for password resetting controlled by the end-user.