Development and Partnerships


Our mission is to facilitate partnerships, donations, grants and fundraising opportunities that create environments conducive to learning for every Detroit Public Schools Community District student.


Our vision is to be recognized across industries for providing the highest level of return on partnerships, grants, fundraising and donations to build the district’s capacity to develop college and career ready students.


Students First, Excellence, Integrity, Equity, Service, Tenacity

We place students first, strive for excellence, provide quality customer service, respect each other, and operate with the highest level of integrity for every decision.


In the context of the BluePrint 2020: Our Strategic Plan for Rebuilding Detroit’s Public Schools:

  • Establishing multiple key partnerships in alignment with every School Improvement Plan
  • Advocating philanthropic opportunities to support the district’s
  • Acknowledging the educational impact of every contributor
  • Securing additional financial resources to support the growth and development of the district and schools