Any activity aiming to solicit financial support or gather voluntary contributions of resources for a particular purpose or charity. Students, staff, parents and community members are welcome to sponsor fundraising activities with our school or district to support and promote the BluePrint 2020: The Strategic Plan for Rebuilding Detroit’s Public Schools.

Fundraising Guidelines

  1. The Principal is the first person to approve all school fundraisers. The Principal Leader is the final approver of the fundraising activity.
  2. Fundraisers can be held before or after school, or on the weekends with prior approval. Fundraising activities are PROHIBITED during instructional time.
  3. Students may NOT engage in sales or solicit funds or anything of value for any purpose in any street, alley, or other public place or engage in house-to-house.
  4. The District has an evolving list of approved activities and an approved list of vendors.
  5. No employee or member of the sponsoring organization shall directly or indirectly profit personally from the fundraising activity.

Handling Funds and Necessary Forms

  1. All funds raised must be deposited in the school’s checking account and appropriate bookkeeping measures must be taken to record the source and future expenditures of the funds.
  2. Form A: Fundraising Activity and Form B: Fundraising Activity Profit and Loss Statement must be detailed and completed upon submission.
  3. These forms must be kept on file at the school and the Department of Development and Partnerships needs to receive a copy of each form for review and audit purposes.


  • The initial signer is the principal and the principal leader has the final approval
  • Complete and submit Form A and B
  • Bookkeeping measures of the source and future expenditures of the funds.

Vetting Process

Thoroughly examine and investigate information provided in the application for validity.