Policy Documents


Document Category Date
Acceptable Usage Policy for Students and Staff Board 3/12/2009
Access to Board Offices Board 9/8/2008
Access to Buildings Board 4/9/2009
Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities Board 9/8/2008
Accounting and Reporting Authority Delegated by General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
Administration in Policy Absence Board 9/8/2008
Administration in Temporary Absence of General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
Administrative Organization Plan Board 9/8/2008
Admission of Resident Students Nonresident Students Board 9/8/2008
Adult Education Program Board 9/8/2008
Advisory Committee to the Board Board 9/8/2008
Affiliated Organizations Board 9/8/2008
Agenda/Format Preparation and Dissemination Board 9/8/2008
Alternative School Program Board 9/8/2008
Amendment to Board of Education Decorum Policy Board 12/13/2007
Amendment to the Current P Card Policy General Superintendents Usage of P Card Board 10/1/2007
Annual Budget Board 9/8/2008
Anti Cronyism Board 3/1/2006
Anti-Bullying Policy Board 12/17/2012
Appointment of General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
Asbestos Awareness Training Board 6/11/2009
Athletic Eligibility Policy Board 2/15/2016
Attendance Procedures Board 9/8/2008
Audits Board 9/8/2008
Authority of President Board 9/8/2008
Basic Instructional Program Board 9/8/2008
Bilingual Instruction Board 9/8/2008
Board Committees Board 9/8/2008
Board Communication with School District Staff Board 9/8/2008
Board Informational Sessions/Meetings Board 9/1/2008
Board Meeting Procedures Board 9/8/2008
Board Member Conflict of Interest Board 9/8/2008
Board Member Resignation/Expulsion or Removal from Office Board 9/8/2008
Board Member Services Board 3/12/2009
Board Member Services/Requests of Staff Board 9/1/2008
Board Members Use of District Property Board 9/8/2008
Board of Education Consent Agenda Policy Board 4/13/2006
Board of Education Decorum Policy Addendum Board 12/14/2006
Board of Education Expense Reimbursement Policy Board 3/8/2007
Board of Education Readmission Policy Board 1/20/2009
Board Organizational Meeting (Election of Officers) Board 9/8/2008
Board Secretary Board 9/8/2008
Board/General Superintendent Negotiating Agents Board 9/8/2008
Bonded Board Officers Board 9/8/2008
Borrowing Authority Board 9/8/2008
Breakfast in the Classroom Board 8/18/2009
Budget Adoption Procedures Board 11/13/2009
Budget Deadlines and Schedules Board 9/8/2008
Budget Expenditures Board 9/8/2008
Budget Planning Board 9/8/2008
Budget Transfer Authority Board 9/8/2008
Building and Grounds Security Board 9/8/2008
Buildings and Grounds Management Board 3/12/2009
Bus Driver Examination and Training Board 9/8/2008
Cellular Phone Policy Board 3/12/2009
Closed Sessions Board 9/1/2008
Code of Student Conduct Discipline and Student Rights Board 9/8/2008
Code of Student Conduct Expulsion Readmission Board 9/8/2008
Code Violations Board 6/11/2009
Commitment to Accomplishment Board 9/8/2008
Communicable Diseases Board 9/8/2008
Community Involvement in Decision Making Board 9/11/2009
Community Use of School Facilities Board 9/8/2008
Competitive Foods Policy Board 4/9/2009
Compulsory Attendance Ages Board 9/8/2008
Computer Hardware/Software and Office Equipment Use Policy Board 9/8/2008
Consent Agenda Policy Board 9/8/2008
Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards Board 9/8/2008
Contests for Students Board 9/8/2008
Corporal Punishment Board 9/8/2008
Corrective Discipline Board 3/9/2008
Criminal History and Background Checks Board 10/13/2009
Curriculum Adoption Board 9/8/2008
Curriculum Development Board 9/8/2008
Curriculum Research Pilot Projects Board 9/8/2008
Detroit Board of Education Decorum Policy Board 4/13/2006
Detroit Board of Education Policy on Access to Board Offices Board 12/13/2007
Detroit Board of Education Policy on Affiliated Organizations Board 12/13/2007
Detroit Board of Education Policy on Board Members Use of District Property Board 12/13/2007
Detroit Board of Education Policy on Electronic Recording, Video Taping and Photographing Board Meetings Board 12/13/2007
Detroit Public Schools Athletic Code of Conduct Board 2/12/2009
Discipline of Students with Disabilities Board 1/27/2015
District Owned or Leased Vehicles Board 9/8/2008
DPSCD ByLaws Board 1/23/2017
Drug and Alcohol Free Schools Board 12/20/2010
Duty to Bargain Board 10/9/2008
Educational Philosophy Board 9/8/2008
Educational Specifications Board 4/9/2009
Emergency Closings Board 9/8/2008
Emergency Procedures Board 1/8/2009
Employee Dress Code Board 1/8/2009
Employee Dress Code Board 11/13/2009
Employee Use of Fire Extinguisher Board 6/11/2009
Employment Intent of Professional Staff Members Board 12/9/2008
Employment of Students Board 9/8/2008
Empowered and District Adopted Charter Schools Board 9/8/2008
Endorsing Appropriations for Buildings Board 4/9/2009
Engagement of Outside Counsel Board 6/8/2006
Entrance Age Board 9/8/2008
Environmental Hazards Board 6/11/2009
Equal Education Opportunities Board 9/8/2008
Evaluation of Executive Level Staff Board 3/12/2009
Evaluation of Instructional Programs Board 9/8/2008
Evaluation of Professional Staff Board 1/8/2009
Evaluation of Support Staff Board 3/12/2009
Examination High Schools Board 9/8/2008
Exchange Teaching Board 3/12/2009
Exit Doors Board 5/14/2009
Facilities Capitalization Program Board 3/12/2009
Facilities Capitalization Program Board 9/8/2008
Facilities Development Goals Board 3/12/2009
Facilities Development Plans and Specifications Board 4/9/2009
Facilities Planning Board 4/9/2009
Facilities Planning Advisors Board 3/12/2009
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Extended Leave of Absence Policy Board 1/27/2015
Finance Report 1.11.17 Board Meeting Finance Sub Committee 2/13/2017
Fire and Tornado Safety Board 9/8/2008
Fiscal Year Board 9/8/2008
Food Services Management Board 3/12/2009
Food Services Management Board 9/8/2008
Funding Proposals and Applications Board 9/8/2008
Funding Proposals and Applications Board 10/1/2009
Fundraising Activities Board 10/13/2009
Gate Receipts and Admissions Board 10/13/2009
General Personnel Policy Board 10/9/2008
General Student Security Search Guidelines Board 9/8/2008
General Superintendent Appointment/Delegation of Authority to Administrative Officers Board 9/8/2008
General Superintendent Conflict of Interest Board 9/8/2008
Gifts and Donations to District Board 9/11/2009
Graduation Exercises Board 12/9/2008
Guidance Program Board 9/8/2008
Harassment of Students Board 9/8/2008
Hazardous Chemicals Board 6/11/2009
Health and Wellness Policy Board 6/14/2011
High School Lunch Board 8/18/2009
Homeless Children Policy Board 10/5/2009
Identification Badges for Middle School Students Board 3/11/2010
Instructional Goals Board 9/8/2008
Instructional Materials Board 9/8/2008
Instructional Services Instructional Support Services Board 9/8/2008
Instructional Television/Instructioinal Radio Board 9/8/2008
Insurance Management Board 9/8/2008
Integrated Pest Management Board 6/11/2009
Internet and the Use of DPSnet Board 9/8/2008
Interrogations and Searches Board 11/2/2010
Interscholastic Athletics Board 9/8/2008
Inventories Board 11/13/2009
Investment of Funds Board 9/8/2008
Maintenance and Control of Materials Board 3/12/2009
Manual Coverage for Employees Represented by a Collective Bargaining Unit Board 9/8/2008
Marks Promotion and Graduation Board 9/8/2008
Minutes Board 9/8/2008
Naming of Schools Policy and Procedure Board 9/8/2008
News Media Relations Board 9/8/2008
Non-Disturbance of Asbestos Containing Materials Board 6/11/2009
Nondiscrimination Board 10/9/2008
Notification of Asbestos Containing Materials Board 6/11/2009
Notification of Board Meetings Board 9/8/2008
Occupational Education Board 9/8/2008
Office Services Board 3/12/2009
Office Services Management Board 9/8/2008
Open New Public Schools of Choice Board 9/1/2008
Operation of Snack Vending Machines Board 8/10/2006
Organization of Instruction Board 9/8/2008
Part Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment Board 2/12/2009
Part-Time and Substitute Suppport Staff Employment Board 1/8/2009
Payment Procedures Board 9/8/2008
Payroll Deductions Board 11/13/2009
Payroll Procedures/Payday Schedules Board 11/13/2009
Personnel Records Board 3/12/2009
Personnel Selection Board 7/9/2009
Petty Cash Accounts Board 9/8/2008
Photo Indentification Badges Board 9/8/2008
Photographing, Videotaping or Recording Device Policy Board 8/10/2006
Physical Examination of Students Board 9/8/2008
Policies and Practices Office of Alumni Affairs Board 9/8/2008
Policies First Read 11.14.17 Policy Ad Hoc Committee 11/14/2017
Policy Adoption Board 9/8/2008
Policy and Procedures Governing Freedom of Information Act Requests Board 9/1/2008
Policy Govern Standard for Athletic Eligibility Board 1/8/2013
Policy on Behavior at School Board Meetings Board 9/1/2008
Policy on Ownership of Student Intellectual Property Produced at Detroit Public Schools Board 4/9/2009
Policy on School Closures and Consolidations Board 2/8/2007
Policy on Settlement of Litigation and Claims Board 3/8/2007
Powers and Duties of the General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
Prayer in Detroit Public Schools Board 9/8/2008
Privileges of Staff Negotiating Organizations Board 10/9/2008
Professional Research and Publishing Board 9/11/2009
Professional Research and Publishing Board 3/12/2009
Professional Staff Board 10/9/2008
Professional Staff Board 10/9/2008
Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers Board 3/12/2009
Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans Board 1/8/2009
Professional Staff Development Opportunities Board 1/8/2009
Professional Staff Fringe Benefits Board 3/12/2009
Professional Staff Hiring Board 1/8/2009
Professional Staff Orientation Board 2/12/2009
Professional Staff Positions Board 10/9/2008
Professional Staff Positions Board 10/9/2008
Professional Staff Probation and Tenue Board 7/9/2009
Professional Staff Promotions Board 1/8/2009
Professional Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies Board 3/12/2009
Professional Staff Salary Schedules Board 1/8/2009
Professional Staff Seniority Board 7/9/2009
Professional Staff Termination of Employment Board 3/12/2009
Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences Board 3/12/2009
Professional Staff Work Load Extra Duty Staff Meetings Board 1/8/2009
Professional Staff/Administrative Merit System Board 3/12/2009
Programs for Disadvantaged Students Board 9/8/2008
Programs for Gifted Students Board 9/8/2008
Programs for Handicapped Students Board 9/8/2008
Promotion Policy for Classroom Teachers Board 1/8/2009
Public Complaints Board 9/8/2008
Public Conduct on School Property Board 10/13/2009
Public Information Program Board 9/8/2008
Public Participation at Board Meetings Board 9/8/2008
Public School Academy Board 9/1/2008
Public's Right to Know Board 9/11/2009
Qualifications and Duties of General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
Quorum/Rules of Order Board 9/8/2008
Random Drug Testing Board 12/20/2010
Re-Establishment of City-Wide Parent/Community Organization Board 9/8/2008
Readmission Board 9/8/2008
Records Management Policy Board 3/12/2009
Recruitment and Appointment of the General Superintendent/Superintendent's Contract Board 9/8/2008
Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force Board 1/8/2009
Reduction in Support Staff Members Board 3/12/2009
Reduction in Support Staff Work Force Board 1/8/2009
Reimbursement of Expenses Board 9/8/2008
Relations with Business and Community Organizations Board 9/11/2009
Relations with Cultural Institutions Board 9/8/2008
Relations with Education Research Agencies Board 9/8/2008
Relations with Education Research Agencies Board 10/13/2009
Relations with Health Authorities Board 10/13/2009
Relations with Local Governmental Authorities Board 9/11/2009
Relations with Police and Fire Authorities Board 9/8/2008
Released Time for Religious Instruction Board 9/8/2008
Rentals and Cell Tower Agreements Board 3/12/2009
Rentals and Service Charge Board 9/8/2008
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Board 1/8/2009
Reporting Child Abuse Neglect or Under Influence of Controlled Substance Board 9/8/2008
Resignation of Professioinal Staff Members Board 3/12/2009
Resignation of Support Staff Members Board 7/9/2009
Responsibility for Policy Compliance Board 9/8/2008
Restrictions on Sale or Lease of Property Board 4/9/2009
Retirement of Facilities Board 4/9/2009
Retirement of Facilities Board 9/8/2008
Revenue From Royalties Board 10/13/2009
Revocation of Prior Policies Board 9/8/2008
School Admissions Board 9/8/2008
School Attendance Areas Board 9/8/2008
School Attorney Board 9/8/2008
School Board Elections Board 9/8/2008
School Board Meetings Board 9/8/2008
School Board Powers and Duties Board 9/8/2008
School Building Administrationi Board 9/8/2008
School Bus Safety Program Board 9/8/2008
School Closures and Consolidations Board 9/8/2008
School Community Relations Committees Board 9/8/2008
School District Annual Report Board 9/8/2008
School District Annual Report Board 9/8/2008
School District Legal Status Board 9/8/2008
School General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
School Health Services and Requirements Board 9/8/2008
School Properties Disposal Procedure Board 9/8/2008
School Properties Disposal Procedures Board 12/14/2009
School Year/School Calendar Board 9/11/2008
Scope of the Policy Manual Board 9/8/2008
Secret Societies Board 9/8/2008
Security Program Board 9/8/2008
Selection of Architect Board 3/12/2009
Settlement of Litigation and Claims Board 9/8/2008
Sex Education Board 9/8/2008
Sexual Harassment Board 10/9/2008
Site Acquisition Procedure Board 4/9/2009
Social Security Number Confidentiality Board 10/13/2009
Special Use of School Buses Board 9/8/2008
Staff Complaints and Grievances Board 10/9/2008
Staff Conduct Board 10/9/2008
Staff Health and Safety Board 10/9/2008
Staff Involvement in Decisioin-Making Board 10/8/2008
Staff Protection Board 10/9/2008
Student Absences and Excuses Board 9/8/2008
Student Acceptable Use of the DPS Net Board 9/8/2008
Student Attendance Accounting Board 9/8/2008
Student Automobile Use Board 9/8/2008
Student Conduct on School Buses Board 9/8/2008
Student Discipline Board 9/8/2008
Student Dress Code Board 9/8/2008
Student Exclusion Suspension Expulsion Board 9/8/2008
Student Gifts and Solicitations Board 9/8/2008
Student Government Board 9/8/2008
Student Involvement in Decisionmaking Board 9/8/2008
Student Organizations Board 9/8/2008
Student Progress Reports to Parents Report Cards Board 9/8/2008
Student Records Board 3/12/2009
Student Representation to the Board Board 9/8/2008
Student Rights and Responsibilities Board 9/8/2008
Student Safety Board 9/8/2008
Student Schedules and Course Loads Board 9/8/2008
Student Textbook, Deposits and Fines Board 11/16/2009
Student Transportation Services Board 7/12/2007
Student Violence Board 1/8/2009
Student Withdrawal from School Board 9/8/2008
Summer Schools Board 9/8/2008
Support Staff Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Assignments and Transfers Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans Salary Schedules Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Development Opportunities Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Fringe Benefits Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Hiring Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Leaves and Absences/Vacations and Holidays Board 7/9/2009
Support Staff Positions Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Probation Seniority Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Promotions Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Recruiting Posting of Vacancies Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans Board 7/9/2009
Support Staff Termination of Employment Board 1/8/2009
Support Staff Time Schedules Work Load Board 1/8/2009
Suspension of Policies Board 9/8/2008
Taxing Authority Board 9/8/2008
Teaching About Controversial Issues Board 9/8/2008
Teaching About Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco Board 9/8/2008
Temporary Administrative Arrangements Board 9/8/2008
Temporary Services Policy Board 1/8/2009
Termination or Resignation of General Superintendent Board 9/8/2008
Testing Programs Board 3/11/2010
Textbook Selection and Adoption Board 9/8/2008
Title I Conference and Workshop Attendance Travel Policy Board 2/12/2009
Title I Parent Involvement Policy Board 9/23/2008
Tobacco Products on School Premises by Staff Members (Offices and Vehicles) Board 10/9/2008
Traffic and Parking Controls Board 9/8/2008
Unexpired Term Fulfillment Board 9/8/2008
Use of Student's Photograph, Video Image or Voice for Educational, Informational or Public Relations Purpose Board 12/9/2008
Vandalism, Theft and Damage Reporting Board 9/8/2008
Vision, Mission and Goals Board 9/8/2008
Visitors to Schools Board 9/8/2008
Voting Method Board 9/8/2008
Wellness Policy Board 12/16/2005
Whistleblower Protection/Retaliation Board 3/12/2009
Work Experience Opportunities Board 9/8/2008
Work Experience Opportunities Vocational Board 9/8/2008
Workplace Violence Board 1/8/2009