Community Use of Schools

Everything you need to know about reserving a DPSCD facility for community use

The Detroit Public School Community District Board encourages use of school facilities during non-instructional hours for worthwhile purposes when such use will not interfere with school activities and is not dangerous or detrimental to the general welfare. To administer building use in a fair, consistent manner, categories have been developed for general use.

There is a fee for use and other requirements. The fees are established for each building to help defray the costs of using building facilities during non-instructional hours and preserve the educational budget.

The Board believes that school facilities are an important resource in developing and sustaining lifelong learning, promoting intergovernmental cooperation, and encouraging citizen participation in community activities.

When space is available at times that do not interfere with Detroit Community District Public Schools instructional programs; student activities; activities of school-related groups; DPSCD Adult Education classes; Detroit Public Schools Community District community members may reserve school facilities on a scheduled basis.

All uses of facilities during non-instructional hours by District and other entities must be authorized by the Office of Community Use through the issuance of a Community Use permit. Such permit shall only be issued upon verification by the Office of Community Use that the proposed activity is in full compliance with all applicable District policies and procedures, including those contained herein.

No activity may take place in a District facility during non-instructional hours without the presence of a building custodian. If an activity requires, either by the time of scheduling or by additional work, that a District employee work beyond their regular shift hours, such employee shall be paid for the additional amount of time that is worked to support that activity and the event will be charged.

The Office of Community Use shall determine the appropriate personnel and the hours of work required to support each Community Use activity.  Activities that require the use of multiple spaces within a school building, involve dinner meetings of groups larger than 25 persons, or are open to community members at large will require the presence of a DPSCD Police Officer and/or contracted public safety officer, who are to be compensated through the Office of Community Use by the using organization for time worked in support of the activity.

All alumni and picnic events require orientation attendance before approval.

District employees are not to receive any payments whatsoever.  All payments for Community Use activities are to be made by certified check or money order to the Office of Community Use, made payable to Detroit Public Schools Community District.  All payments to District employees for such activities shall be made by the District Office of Payroll in accordance with the information submitted by the Office of Community Use regarding all Community Use activities.

No facility shall be used to hold meetings for the following purposes:

  1. To advocate social or political change by violence.
  2. To advocate or advance any doctrine or theory subversive to the Constitution of the United States or to the Constitution of Michigan.
  3. To organize or convene a secret organization for subversive purposes.
  4. To assist in raising funds for any of the above purposes.
  5. To promote, conduct or advocate unlawful activity.
  6. To promote, conduct or advocate any activity that is inconsistent with the mission and/or legal obligation of Detroit Public Schools Community District.

In the event a snow day or other emergency closes the entire District, or part of the District, all facility uses shall be cancelled automatically for the duration of the closure. The District reserves the right to cancel or reschedule activities at any time prior to the scheduled date.

Insurance is required and shall be placed with insurers lawfully authorized to do business in the State of Michigan. The user is responsible for informing the District of any exception. Prior approval must be obtained from the District for the use of foreign insurers.

There must be an identified adult supervisor who is responsible for administering the activity and ensuring full compliance with all District requirements for use of its facilities.  Such adult supervisor shall sign the application for use and submit a clearance from a state or local police agency certifying that the adult supervisor has no previous criminal violations.

No tobacco products, illegal substances, or alcoholic beverages will be allowed on school property, including parking lots, tennis courts, athletic fields, or in any District facility. Smoking on District property is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this regulation will be grounds for immediate termination of the facility use contract and may be grounds for legal action.

No weapons of any kind are allowed at any time on District property, including parking lots, tennis courts, athletic fields, or in any District facility.  Failure to comply with this regulation will be grounds for immediate termination of the facility use contract and may be grounds for legal action.

Playing cards, raffles, bingo, feather parties, darts, throws, the selling of chances on prizes, the issuance or distribution of tickets for lottery purposes, and all games of chance are prohibited.

Foods and beverages may be served in such school areas as are approved by the school administration and Office of Community Use. This will increase custodial charges.

When there is competing interest for community use of facilities, the priority is the following:

  1. DPSCD instructional and extracurricular programs.
  2. School-related groups
  3. Meetings of school associations
  4. Others, when space is an available, including:
    • Youth groups
    • Cultural and civic groups
    • Colleges and universities
    • Religious organizations
    • State and federal agencies
    • Private organizations and individuals
    • Commercial entities

New Users – Getting Started

If you have never used DPSCD facilities before, please see the following videos to learn about the online reservation system:

Registered Users

Once you have registered and have been approved as an organization event coordinator (OEC) in the online reservation system, Community Use, you can request space for a DPSCD facility.  Please note: requests must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the event date.  Once your schedule has been approved, the OEC cannot make any adjustments to the schedule, including cancellations. Please contact the community use school contact, see below list, if changes are necessary.  Please refer to the helpful user’s guide provided below.

Need assistance or have a question regarding your building use request?  Contact the school directly utilizing the list of Building Use Contacts below.

Prohibited Activities

  • Aerial Acrobatics
  • Airplane/Helicopter/Hot Air Balloons Landing
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Animals (except in the case of service animals that are necessary to help an individual with a disability).  The user shall cleanup any school grounds used by service animals participating in scheduled events.
  • Candles and/or Incense
  • Car Bashing
  • Car Wash
  • Circus or Carnival
  • Color/Splatter Run
  • Drones
  • Fireworks and Sparkles (except by local Government)
  • Fog/Smoke Machines
  • Gambling
  • Hay (or other flammable items)
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Laser Tag
  • Paint Ball
  • Parachuting/Sky Diving (onto parking lots/fields)
  • Rain gutter Regatta
  • Remote Control Flyers
  • Rocket Launch
  • Running in School Hallways (sports conditioning)
  • Skating (roller skates or inline skates—inside buildings)
  • Tobacco Products or Smoking Devices (including nicotine vapor products, alternative nicotine products, electronic cigarettes and Hookah pens)