Closed School Reports

The following are reports for schools have have been closed.

Beard Early Learning Neighborhood Center Closed

840 Waterman, Detroit, MI 48209-2215

Beckham, William J. Academy Closed

9860 Park Drive, Detroit, MI 48213

Cody - Academy of Public Leadership Closed

18445 Cathedral Street, Detroit, MI 48228-1809

Cody - Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School Closed

18445 Cathedral Street, Detroit, MI 48228-1809

Crockett High School Closed

8950 St. Cyril, Detroit, MI 48213

Detroit City High School Closed

13141 Rosa Parks, Detroit, MI 48238-3641

Detroit Day School For The Deaf Closed

4555 John C. Lodge Freeway, Detroit, MI 48201-1056

Farwell Elementary-Middle School Closed

19955 Fenelon Street, Detroit, MI 48234-2273

Finney High School Closed

4180 Marlborough Street, Detroit, MI 48215-2320

Holmes, O.W. Elementary-Middle School Closed

4833 Ogden Street, Detroit, MI 48210-2011

Jemison, Mae C. Closed

16400 Tireman, Detroit, MI 48228

Kettering High School Closed

6101 Van Dyke Avenue, Detroit, MI 48213-2451

Langston Hughes Academy Closed

19501 Berg Road, Detroit, MI 48219-1714

Logan Elementary School Closed

3811 Cicotte Street, Detroit, MI 48210-2924

MacDowell Elementary School Closed

4201 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48221-1457

Mumford Academy Closed

17525 Wyoming Street, Detroit, MI 48221-2414

Murphy Elementary-Middle School Closed

23901 Fenkell Street, Detroit, MI 48223-1431

Northwestern High School Closed

2200 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48208-1178

Oakman Elementary - Orthopedic School Closed

12920 Wadsworth Street, Detroit, MI 48227-3757

Osborn College Preparatory Academy Closed

11600 E. 7 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48205-2112

Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design and Alternative Energy Closed

11600 E. 7 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48205-2112

Parker Elementary-Middle School Closed

12744 Elmira Street, Detroit, MI 48227-3732

Phoenix Elementary-Middle School Closed

7735 Lane Street, Detroit, MI 48209-1805

Southwestern High School Closed

6921 W. Fort Street, Detroit, MI 48209-2912

Stewart Elementary-Middle School Closed

13120 Wildemere Street, Detroit, MI 48238-3336

Trix Elementary-Middle School Closed

13700 Bringard Drive, Detroit, MI 48205-1156

Turning Point High School Closed

20000 Evergreen Road, Detroit, MI 48219-2075

White -- DPS Foundation for Early Learners PK Closed

5161 Charles Street, Detroit, MI 48212-2462

Wilkins Elementary-Middle School Closed

12400 Nashville Street, Detroit, MI 48205-3848